There isn’t a process called “installation” for lilac’s themes, just tell lilac where the target theme is by editing item theme in config.toml:

theme = "the-theme-path"

Generally, the themes are under the root of your blog’s directory.

Use Theme

You really should manage your theme in a standalone git repository, and use it as a submodule of your blog’s submodule if your blog is under git versioning too.

For instance, add theme less a submodule of your blog’s repo:

$ git submodule add git:// less

If you want to modify a theme created by someone else, just fork his(or her) repo, and then modify it.

But it’s 100% ok to use themes not in the submodule way.

Theme List

Here I maintain a lilac’s themes list:

Have you made one? Please send a pull request on lilac’s Repo, append yours to this list.

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