Post Syntax


A post is made up of two parts: header and body.

The header is in TOML and body is in Github Flavored Markdown, the two parts are separated with a ‘—’ like separator.

A sample post is:

title = "Hello World"
datetime = "2013-06-05 19:38"
tags = ["sample", "some-tag"]

# Here is markdown content

Post’s Filename Extension

Post’s filename extension should be .md, for example,

Post’s Header

The post’s header is in TOML.

The header part contains post’s information: title, tags, created time, etc.

The required items are title and datetime, others like tags, summary are optional.

  • the datetime is a %Y-%m-%d %H:%M formatted string, it’s the post’s created time.
  • the tags is an array of tags.
  • the summary is your post’s summary(default: the post’s first certain count characters).

Other variables in header can be got in template:


Post’s Body

The body is in Markdown. I recommend your this link to learn markdown in minutes: Markdown CheatSheet.

The separator

Post’s header and body are separated with a separator:


Or longer:


It’s at least 3 - long.

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