There are only a few items to configure. A minimal configuration is:

root_path = ""

name = "Make Difference"
description = "Here goes your blog's description"
url = ""
theme = "classic"

name = "me"
email = ""

shortname = "your-disqus-short-name"

Root Path

If you are deploying your blog right under the server’s root, you needn’t to set this item, leave it blank:

root_path = ""

Else, if you are deploying your blog to some sub_directory under the server, you need to configure this item. For instance, your blog are deployed here:

you should set root_path to “/myblog”:

root_path = "/myblog"

But note that: when in localhost(lilac serve), your site will run regardless of root_path, so you must run lilac build before deploying this site to remote server.

Blog & Author

It’s easy enough to configure these by yourself.

Notes should know:

  • the item url in section blog is only used in feed generation.
  • better to set author ‘s email to your Gravatar’s email.


Lilac uses Disqus to manage blog’s comments.

Follow this link to register your blog to , and then set item shortname in the section disqus:

shortname = ""

Theme Vars

This section configure your theme. We configure theme’s variables in config.toml instead of your_theme/theme.toml so that we can use theme as a standalone repo(or submodule).

What to configure depends on your theme:

github = 'my-github-username'
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